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Coconut-Date-Balls {Only 3 ingredients | Raw Vegan}

Coconut Date Balls Raw Vegan 3 Ingredients

As I’ve recently decided to cut down my (refined) sugar intake, I’ve discovered absolutely delicious date bars! These however a pretty expensive when bought in supermarkets. I decided to make them myself. This is not only the cheaper option, at the same time you can decide which ingredients you want to use.

Coconut Date Balls Raw Vegan 3 Ingredients

I have one of the simplest recipes for you. These coconut-date-balls are made in 5 minutes, and they only require 3 ingredients!

In case you don’t have a high power blender – don’t worry. I used a very simple and inexpensive food processor. Please read the notes below the recipe for further instructions when not using a high power blender.

The coconut-date-balls are

  • healthy
  • sugar free
  • vegan
  • raw vegan
  • gluten free
  • lactose free
  • simple to make
  • incredibly delicious

Coconut Date Balls Raw Vegan 3 Ingredients

Coconut-Date-Balls {Only 3 ingredients | Raw Vegan}

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Serves: 14 balls Cooking Time: 5 minutes


  • 100 g soft pitted dates
  • 50 g cashews
  • 30 g coconut flakes + 30 g for coating



Blend the dates, cashews and coconut flakes in a high power blender (see notes).


Roll balls – mine were about 13 grams each – with your hands.


Optional: Place the remaining 30 grams of coconut flakes into a shallow bowl and roll the balls (while still slightly sticky) gently through the coconut flakes until coated.


Unfortunately I do not have a very powerful blender, so I had to soak my dates and cashews in water (1-2 hours in cold water OR ½ hour in hot water).

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