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Coconut-Date-Balls {Only 3 ingredients | Raw Vegan}

As I’ve recently decided to cut down my (refined) sugar intake, I’ve discovered absolutely delicious date bars! These however a pretty expensive when bought in supermarkets. I decided to make them myself. This is not only the cheaper option, at the same time you can decide which ingredients you want to use. I have one of the simplest recipes for you. These coconut-date-balls are made in 5 minutes, and they…

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Coconut Macaroons {GLUTEN-FREE & VEGAN}

These vegan coconut macaroons are incredibly delicious! They were my second time using aquafaba. I first used this form y vegan and gluten-free cinnamon star cookies. I was so impressed that I had to try a different recipe with aquafaba straight away! I decided to make coconut macaroons – traditionally made with egg white. My version is vegan of course. Also there is a gluten-free option. You can make this…

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Hazelnut and Chocolate Tarte {VEGAN}

I love chocolate. However, I’ve never made a (vegan) chocolate tarte before. I was so impressed with my first chocolate tarte. It has a hazelnut crust and it is filled with a dark chocolate and coconut milk mixture. To add another, different taste the tarte is decorated with chopped almonds. Can I emphasise once again that this tart is VEGAN. If it is possible to make a vegan chocolate tarte,…

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