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Chocolate, Walnut and Pear Bundt Cake {VEGAN}

This is the perfect cake for autumn and winter days. A hint of cinnamon, in the combination with chocolate and pear will just make cold and windy days so much cozier. This is a vegan recipe, however the cake is light and fluffy and you will be able to fool just about everybody: Nobody who tried this cake was able to believe me that it did not include any eggs!…

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Plum Cake with Crumbles {VEGAN}

I call a lot of cakes “my favourite”. However, if I had to chose one, just one cake, then it would be this traditional German Zwetschgendatschi. This cake is traditionally made with damsons, but plums work as well. The cinnamon in the crumbles gives the whole cake a little bit more of an autumn feeling.   Equipment A rolling pin Following ingredients Ingredients Plum Cake 350 g     flour 21 g        fresh…

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